No Pregnant woman on any activities

Weight limit for a comfortable fit of harness is 120kg

Group sizes may vary

It could happen that if you are part of a big group (8+) that smaller groups may precede your group, to join another departing group (2-6) to fill up groups. We request and appreciate your patience since some groups may take longer.

Bookings are worked out on the avarage persons' group size and are not an exact science but delays may occur due to factors such as:

  • Hold ups on the road
  • When accommodating very large groups
  • The amount of children in the group
  • The amount of parents and children sliding in tandem
  • The fitness level of the group (since there is walking involved)
  • When raining, it takes time to dry the rain suites

We endeavour to make your experience an adventurous and joyful one!